911 More Than Smoking Guns

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In the past months I have been vindicated many times over for the “conspiracy theory”, “crackpot” name calling I have received since September 12th, 2001 when I began telling folks the planes didn’t bring the buildings of the WTC down, explosives did. It is a bitter sweet victory that proves the murder of over 3000 people was NOT done by Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda, the Taleban, or even Saddam Insane …I mean Hussein. It was done as a covert “black operation” by members of the Bush administration in conjunction with certain military experts in demolition.

Hard evidence proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was the case. The evidence; physics, explosive residue and particles of Thermite and Thermate used in demolition cutting charges.

Pools of molten iron tons of it 2800 degrees 1000 degrees hotter than anything burning in the buildings. Molten Iron is a by-product the burning Thermite. There were spheres of particulate matter in the dust from these towers everywhere in the area. Analyses of these particles show that the contained:

 ,Manganese, Aluminum, Iron, Iron oxide, Molybdenum oxide, Copper Oxide, etc. KMn04, plus sulfur to cut through steel quickly; 1,3 DPP in sol-gel; Polytetrafluoroethylene; Titanium, Fluorine.

These are unusual particles found in high tech formulas associated only nano-thermite known as Thermate. These particules are 1000 times smaller than a human hair. There were also un-burned particles of Thermate. This high tech nano-thermite is only produced only in defense dept. contractor’s labs, not in caves in Afghanistan. Several tons of both Thermite and nano-thermite as well as convention explosives were needed to bring down these buildings. It required the complicity of the security firm which Geb Bush the President’s brother was the head of.

Dr. Steven E. Jones Department of Physics & Astronomy of Brigham Young University,

 Dr. Niels Holger Harrit, Docent at University of Copenhagen, teaches organic chemistry, photochemistry, photophysics,  nanoscienc.

Richard Gage AIA (American Institute of Architecture) ,  Architect of 20 years;

 These gentlemen have all written papers on their findings that prove my findings correct.  All three came down at very near free fall speeds, impossible without high explosives.

It is essential to re open the 911 investigation and bring to justice EVERYONE involved no matter their position or prominence, to bring justice for the 3000 souls lost in this massive crime of murder. If you sit idly by with this knowledge and do nothing to force your government officials to re-open this investigation you are nothing less than complicit with those involved.

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Thermate spheres

Angle cut beams were sticking up all over ground zero.