Alex Jones Zionist & Snitch

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Alex Jones Zionist & Snitch

Alex Jones Zionist & Snitch

By Michael Treis

Back in 2000 hearing Alex Jones say “John Joe Gray and his family is probably the next Waco”, my family & I took our ministry bus there to assure this wouldn’t be.  We arrived in the wee morning hours from a long drive from Alexandria, Louisiana where the mobile ministry was at that time. It definitely startled Joe Gray & family they were afraid a raid had begun. We quickly alleviated their fears and joined them inside the gate of their many acre home along the Trinity River near Tool, Texas.

We stayed about a month walking patrol along with the family who kept a 24-7 vigil fearing a raid by local & state police because they had been driving with Kingdom of Heaven plates on their cars. Alex Jones had been in and out of the family’s homestead broadcasting & filming along with 60 Minutes interviewing Joe & family.

 Joe had asked that Mike Hansen, Jones' cameraman, not to film the layout of their houses, kids, grandchildren etc. Hansen readily agreed.  While 60 Minutes was there Jones started filming everything Joe asked him not to with a small handheld video camera. Joe asked him what he was doing; Jones told him it “was for a personal diary which no one would see unless something happened to Joe & his family.” Joe said OK as long as that was all he did.

After 60 Minutes left, Jones wasted no time selling the film to the network for $700 betraying his word to Joe & his family. He didn’t care he endangered the family by exposing the layout of the place as well as providing footage of all the family members. This is the kind of man Alex Jones is.

Jones show airs on a network owned by the Bronfman family, owners of Seagram’s Liquor heavy Zionists and supporters of Israel. Jones has a Jewish wife and surrounds himself with other Zionists as well. Jones has avoided at all cost pointing his fingers at the Mossad & Zionists that carried out the events of 911, instead focusing just on the Bush administration.

Obviously Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. were up to their eyeballs in the events of 911, but Elbit one of Israel’s largest military contractors owned by Michael Fedderman Enterprises developed the gel-sol formula of Thermate found in the dust of 911.  In fact the former head of the Mossad is the VP of Fedderman Ent. Be sure and read my article: “False Flag Operations Use America” & “The Whodunit of 911 Answered” elsewhere on this site

Alex Jones is an agent provocateur. He knows with his large following if he pushes enough he can cause some “lone nut” to do violence and cause damage to the truth and patriot movements. When you watch him speak he works up into frenzy to a point of foaming at the mouth. He speaking style is very much like one other volatile charismatic speaker who lured many to follow him down the wrong path, Adolph Hitler. If I didn’t know better I would swear he had studied his speaking style.    

Undoubtedly Jones puts on a good show pointing out all the New World Order, police state & draconian legislation which in a way is very good, but as with any great lie it is 90 % truth and 10 % lie. There is always a hook in the best bait. The best poison is great to the taste, but deadly in the end. He hocks his DVD & gear and makes lots of buck$ in the process enough to build a 4th studio in fact. Where’s the hook? You never know to whom he sells the list of those who order his stuff or calls in. After all he is a business man and has no qualms how he makes his money.